Guess what we made?

We are on the precipice of launching our very first product... provided we can figure out exactly how. It seems there's a lot to it that needs to be sorted out; printing it was the easiest part.

The things we are struggling with are... figuring out how much to charge; determining who the ideal target audience is; deciding how best to go about reaching that audience; keeping track of sales tax to avoid causing the government distress; etc.

As of right now, we've printed 30 kits, and given six away to local artists in return for unbiased feedback. Once we've received that feedback, we will be adding it to the site.


  • We are seeing if any local comic or art supply stores would be interested in carrying them.
  • We may set up a web store, and try selling them directly.
  • There's been a bit of discussion about setting up a Kickstarter.
  • Setting up a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

If you're interested in learning more, have suggestions on how we should proceed, or would like to buy one of our limited initial run of 30 24 kits for $12.95 (plus sales tax if you live in Colorado, and shipping if you don't happen to live in Colorado Springs*) please contact us.

The price may go up from $12.95 as we determine what works best to allow us to grow our business, or it may go down if it turns out we were crazy to think something as painstakingly well designed as this would be worth that much money... or it could stay the exact same if we were prescient and guessed right against all odds.

One thing is certain; there won't be a second print run (which will be called the "First Printing" because we live to sow confusion) until we've sorted it all out, or this lot is sold out.

Bonus! One of the 32 pages of the initial 30-book run has an error on it that we did not catch before it went off to the printer, totally making it a collector's item of some sort! Like an upside-down stamp, a double-minted coin, or something far, far less valuable! So hurry!

* If you want to make the trip to Colorado Springs to pick up your kit, save on shipping and enjoy the scenery, you are certainly welcome to do so. Just let us know!