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    This is it! The first version of The Comic Panel Sketchbook Kit has been assembled, and a limited run of 30 kits has been printed.

    Currently, the kit consists of:

    • A full-color cover that acts as both an eye-catcher, and a breakdown of how to use the Kit to make your comic, your way…
    • 16 loose-leaf sheets of high-quality, acid-free, 80# white paper that are printed with unique comic panel layouts on both sides giving you 32 pages in which to tell your story…
    • An extra blank sheet of paper that you can use to test your pencils, inks, et. to make sure there won’t be any bleed through or problems that end up ruining one of your printed pages…
    • A snazzy 160# black backing board, to give the page you are drawing on a bit of extra rigidity in case you aren’t near a table…
    • A 2-mil polypropylene magazine bag in which to keep your comic when you aren’t drawing…
    • A round silver sticker used to hold the flap shut…

    Four of these kits have been given to four lucky people (so far) in exchange for unbiased feedback and criticism… which we are still waiting on. We understand; art takes time. We’ll wait patiently.

    In the meantime, we have already received some verbal feedback:

    – “I love it!”

    Awesome to hear!

    – “‘Kit’ seems to be a bit of a misnomer…”

    In it’s current state, it may seem a bit weak to be called a kit. However we have plans to fill it out more, including smaller expansion packs that consist of extra pages and new page layouts.

    – “How about providing a word balloon template?”

    While we would love to provide a template for word balloons, we currently don’t have the funds to get that off the ground just yet. If we were to provide one, we would want it to be high quality so it can stand up to repeated uses, unlike the cover stock versions we’ve seen competing sketchbooks occasionally use.

    – “I’m going to try watercolor on it…”

    Yikes! *ahem* Rather, “Fantastic!” Please let us know how that goes!

    While we wait for more feedback, and hopefully a review or four, if anyone happens to be in the Colorado Springs area and is interested in checking this product out in exchange for an honest review, please get in touch with us either through this forum or through our Contact Us page; we have four more we can give to local artists. After that, we will have to sell what’s left in order to manage another print run.

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